charlotte gynecology services at Randolph OB/GYN

Charlotte Gynecology Services at Randolph OB/GYN

Charlotte gynecology services from Randolph OB/GYN cover a full range of women’s health needs and related medical problems which may arise.

We regularly provide annual exams, including pap smears, screenings and related tests. If we detect anything abnormal, we will conduct an evaluation and further analysis as needed.

contraceptive counseling• For women in their child-bearing years who do not wish to become pregnant, we provide contraceptive counseling, intrauterine device placement, and prescriptions as appropriate.
• For those who want to become pregnant but are having fertility issues, we analyze the situation and recommend the treatment that seems best for each person. Most fertility treatment can be done in our office with the exception of IVF.
• For those with sexual problems such as low libido, lack of orgasm or painful sex, we sensitively and professionally seek to understand problems and causes so we can discuss optional remedies.

Abnormal uterine bleeding, excessive vaginal discharge, urinary incontinence and other related problems are also treated and managed.

bone density testingOur Charlotte gynecology services also include bone density testing at our main office and treatment for osteoporosis or other bone density problems.

Menopause often leads to hot flashes and some other unpleasant symptoms, and our team of skilled physicians and nurses assists with perimenopausal and postmenopausal management, including hormone replacement therapy and other options as needed.

For Charlotte gynecology services of any kind, you can trust the skilled gynecologists at Randolph OB/GYN, one of the Charlotte region’s most experienced gynecology practices. We treat each person as a unique individual and provide comprehensive care in a respectful, confidential manner, which our patients appreciate.

Please call Randolph OB/GYN at 704-333-4104 or use our online contact form to let us know of your interest or questions related to your Charlotte gynecology needs.

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