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Gynecology and Gynecologic Disorders

• Annual exams, including pap smears, screenings and breast exams
• Abnormal pap smear, evaluation and workup (including colposcopy and LEEP)
• Abnormal uterine bleeding, including alternatives to hysterectomy
contraceptive counseling and management• Contraceptive counseling and management (including Essure permanent contraception, provided without an incision or hormones)
• Infertility, basic workup and treatment
• Intrauterine device placement (including the Mirena IUD)
• Pelvic pain and Endometriosis, evaluation and treatment
• Peri- and Postmenopausal management, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and alternative treatments for hot flashes and menopausal symptoms
• Premenstrual syndrome, evaluation and treatment
• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), evaluation and treatment
• Sexual problems, including low libido, lack of orgasm and painful sex
• STD screening and treatment
• Uterine fibroids, evaluation and treatment
• Vaginal discharge, including recurrent vaginitis
bone density testing and treatment• Bone density testing and treatment for osteoporosis
• Gynecological ultrasound provided by an AIUM-certified ultrasonographer
• Urinary incontinence diagnosis and treatment
• Uro-gynecology
• Incontinence
• Hormone replacement
• Breast disease
• Cancer screening and genetic testing
• Specialized ultrasound and saline infused sonography (S.I.S.)
• Pelvic prolapse
• Endometrial ablation

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  Our Ultrasound
Gynecological ultrasound is provided by an AIUM-certified ultrasonographer
  Infertility Treatment
This image of a fertilized egg at the 8-cell stage illustrates our infertility treatment services

Gardasil: The HPV Vaccine That Reduces Cervical Cancer Risk

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