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Pre-pregnancy And Prenatal Care

By Dr. Cathryn L. Crosland

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, caring for your baby begins even before conception, and of course continues throughout your entire pregnancy. In the following video on WCNC TV, we discuss a number of precautions and medical steps to take before and during pregnancy for the health of your baby and yourself. Here are some highlights:

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• Vitamins – take prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid and other vital nutrients not found in adequate quantities in regular vitamins.

• Talk with your doctor about any pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, as well as any current medications

• Be sure your immunizations are up to date, and sometimes additional shots are recommended, including TDAP, rubella, hepatitis A & B, and influenza

• Identify and treat any infections such as herpes, GC/Chlamydia, HIV or syphilis

• Take into account your past obstetrical history, including any miscarriage or birth defects

• Discuss your family history that may include ethnic medical problems such as Tay Sachs, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, as well as cystic fibrosis, SMA, or Fragile X

• Live a healthy lifestyle, managing your weight and getting good exercise. A woman of average weight should gain no more than 25-35 pounds in pregnancy. Consult your doctor for what is the right range for you.

• Avoid alcohol, substance abuse, tobacco and drugs while pregnant.

These and other important pregnancy guidelines are provided in a free notebook to pregnant and pre-pregnancy patients at Randolph OB/GYN.

See our convenient infographic on the benefits of prepregnancy and prenatal care here.

To learn more, make an appointment with Dr. Crosland at our Cornelius location, 704-895-7224, or call 704-333-4104 for Randolph Road (where she is available one day a week) in Charlotte. You may also use our coinvenient online contact form.

Dr. Crosland
Serving patients in our Cornelius office, Dr. Crosland was inspired to enter the medical field by her mother, a Med-Tech in Kentucky.
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For your health and your baby's, consult with your physician before pregnancy. Randolph OB/GYN provides its pregnant patients with the guidebook and tote bag as shown below.
Pre-pregnancy and prenatal guide books
During pregnancy, folic acid and other vitamins should be taken on a regular basis.
take prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid and other vital nutrients

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